Humanitarian Endeavor to Alleviate Poverty through Education

No matter what your current status in life, there is undoubtedly another human being that is worse off than you. Embracing this fact can positively alter your perspective, making life easier to accept. The hope, however, is that you will strive to help others that are possibly worse off than you.

Currently, offers food for thought and links to resources and organizations through which your contributions can directly improve the lives of others. While your contributions can be quantified by money or time, the gratification that results is immeasurable.


Short Term: to provide free nuggets and full course meals of food for thought to those with an appetite for such delicacies.

Long Term: to create an interdisciplinary think tank that through meticulous research develops and implements programs that aim to educate and empower communities towards becoming, healthier, Eco-friendly, and self-sufficient. Each program requires design unique to the geographical features and resources available in each targeted area and involves careful consideration of potential negative externalities.

Please -click here- to find a list of 10 secular organizations through which you can perform charitable contributions

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